Art Index

Art Index indexes articles and art images that have appeared in periodicals from a wide array of publications. Topics include, but are not limited to, archaeology, fashion, films, painting, sculpture and television. Note: Art Index does not contain full text articles....

Annual Review of Psychology

This database “critically reviews the most significant primary research literature to guide you to the principal contributions of the field and help you keep up to date in your area of research.” Annual Review of Psychology is a great place to get...

America: History & Life

Comprehensive coverage of articles from journals, book reviews, and dissertations published worldwide on the history and culture of the United States and Canada. From pre-history to the present.

Alt HealthWatch

Alt HealthWatch is a good resource for those who are looking for information about complementary and alternative health and wellness topics. Alt HealthWatch contains full text articles from popular, trade, and peer reviewed publications as well as other types of...

Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier provides articles on a wide range of subjects and is good for research on almost every topic. It’s a great place to look for scholarly resources when you’re not sure where to start.