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New Winona Library Hours

New Winona Library Hours

The Fitzgerald Library on the Winona Campus will have new hours starting spring semester 2024:

Sunday: 3 – 10 pm

Monday: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am – 10 pm

Friday: 7:30 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

For our most up-to-date hours, please visit our website at and click on Winona Library Hours. If you have questions, please contact Amanda Bauer:

Construction in Winona Library

Construction in Winona Library

Please be aware of noise in the Fitz Library due to construction work in our back office. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.

New Sign In System

New Sign In System

We purchased a new sign in system, which launched on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. The new system simplified the login process, so you only have to log in once a day when searching Saint Mary’s Libraries!


While the new sign in system has many benefits, like all systems, it has a few quirks, which are detailed below. If you have any problems, please contact us.

How to Sign In

You can sign into our new system using your Saint Mary’s email ( and password. If you have problems signing in, please contact the IT Helpdesk, who can update your password.


When viewing Sage materials for the first time with our new system, you will need to select the Yes button as shown in this image. After selecting Yes, you will no longer encounter that message.

SuperSearch Accounts

Our new login system automatically generates a SuperSearch folders account for you. If you have previously created a SuperSearch folders account, you will need to connect it with your newly created account to retain access to your saved items. Read our instructions.

SuperSearch Browser Add-On

If you installed the SuperSearch browser add-on before December 21, 2022, you will need to update your add-on. Read our instructions.


If you used the Zotero citation manager before December 21, 2022, you will need to update your settings to be compatible with our new off-campus system. Read our instructions.

My Account / Library Account

If you are signing in to request or renew library material, you may encounter an error stating “The login process has failed” as shown in this image. If this happens, try signing in again using the Saint Mary’s Legacy Login option.

Broken Links

If you encounter broken links, please contact us. If you are a faculty member who needs to update your links, see the section below.

Faculty, How to Update Your Links

If you have links to library resources (articles, streaming videos, books, etc.) in your syllabi that start with http://ezproxy…, you will need to update them. Read our instructions.

EBSCO Login Page Error

EBSCO Login Page Error

Are you being asked to log into EBSCO in order to read an article from the library? This means a broken link!* Your Saint Mary’s login information won’t work here, and you don’t need another account if you are just trying to read a class assignment.

In order to find your assigned reading, search for the article’s title in SuperSearch. Putting quotes around the title or adding the author’s name can make the search easier. If you still can’t find what you need, contact the library by chat or email, and a librarian will happily help.

Journal Article: Coates, T.-N. (2014)

There are only a few situations in which an EBSCO login screen is normal. See our guides to downloading ebooks and saving articles in SuperSearch to learn more about when an EBSCO account is useful.

* It might also mean you’re using a Saint Mary’s VPN, but that’s less common. If you’re on an SMUMN VPN, try turning it off and accessing SuperSearch again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact the library.

Problem with Interlibrary Loan Form

Update April 11, 2022: The interlibrary loan form is working very slowly right now. Thank you for your patience while this problem is being fixed!

Original April 7, 2022: Our interlibrary loan form is currently having some issues. It may not appear when it’s supposed to, or it may not fill in your item’s title, author, and other information automatically. If you are experiencing problems, we suggest using our blank form, or contact us to request anything from other libraries.

Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage Month

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, Saint Mary’s Libraries created a guide celebrating the knowledge and experience of Indigenous people, with a particular focus on Ojibwe and Dakota contributions. The Native American Heritage Month guide features a curated selection of books, videos, links to local Minnesota organizations, and teaching resources, plus resources about land management and sovereignty, decolonization movements, cuisine, art, and more.

Please email with recommendations for resources to add to the guide or to be purchased for the libraries. We welcome your suggestions!

Log In Issue Resolved

Log In Issue Resolved

Issue Resolved

Last week, students and faculty using Apple devices (iPhones, MacBooks, iPads) encountered an error message when trying to log into SuperSearch and other library resources off-campus. This issue has been resolved. If you continue to experience issues, please see the suggestions below, and contact us with questions.

Error Message

If you get an error message when logging in to SuperSearch or any other library resource, you can bypass it using the instructions below. 

How to Bypass the Error Message

Note: This is a temporary solution and may not work on your device.


Select the Advanced link below the error message, and then click the Proceed to search…(etc.) (unsafe) link.


Select the Show Details link below the error message, and then click the visit this website link.


Select the Advanced button, and then click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

How to Fix It Permanently

You will need to update and restart your device for a more permanent solution. Learn how:

  1. Make sure your computer or phone has the latest update:
    MacBooks (newer): macOS Big Sur
    iOS 15
  2. Restart your MacBook or iPhone (even if you already did)!

Troubleshooting: If your device is older, you may not be able to install the most recent updates. Read below for more tips.

Didn’t Work? Try These:

  • Contact us if you need a specific book, article, or if none of these solutions works for you!

Learn More

New Libraries Website Giveaways

New Libraries Website Giveaways

To celebrate our new Saint Mary’s University Libraries website, the Libraries are doing a giveaway for two book-themed prize packs! One winner will be chosen from the Winona campus and one winner will be chosen from the Rochester/Twin Cities campus. All Saint Mary’s students, staff, and faculty are eligible to enter. One entry per person. The Google Form to enter the drawing is here. Online entry submissions will need to give their name, email, and campus. The Winona campus will also have a physical box for people to submit their entries on the main level of the Fitz Library. The giveaway will close on Friday, September 10th at 6pm. Winners will be contacted via their Saint Mary’s email. Delivery will be worked out with each winner.

Here’s a look at our awesome book-themed prize packs!

Prize Pack #1

Water bottle with the cover art from The Great Gatsby, coin purse printed with due date slip, and red mug printed with due date slip

Prize Pack #2

Water bottle decorated as black composition notebook, coin purse decorated with book shelves, green mug printed with due date slip

COVID-19 Services

Due to COVID-19, we updated Saint Mary’s Libraries’ services to promote student safety. See our service updates below, and contact us if you have any questions.

Winona Library

Masks are required in staff office areas. Otherwise, there are no restrictions for Winona Library. If you visit, you can:

Twin Cities Library


Main Library: Limited Availability

Given space limitations and social distancing constraints, you can use the Main Library room for brief visits (15 min. or less) to ask quick questions, browse the shelves, or pick up materials. See the Doorside Pick-Up section for more information. Computers and tables are available across the hall (LSH 132) for longer study sessions.

Special Collections: Open

A maximum of 2 people at a time may use the Special Collections room (LSH 132), which is open to students and faculty during La Salle Hall building hours (Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm; Saturday: 9am-3pm; Sunday: Closed). You can also reserve the Special Collections room.


See our hours and location for up-to-date information.


Research Help

We can help you via chat 24/7, email, phone, or by Zoom appointment. Note: We are not providing face to face appointments at this time.

Free Mailing

If you cannot make it to campus, we will mail library materials to your home address for free.

Returning Materials

You can return materials to the book drop in the rear entrance of LaSalle Hall. Make sure to only return items during open La Salle Hall hours, which are generally: Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm; Saturday: 9am-3pm; Sunday: Closed. However, building hours are subject change, so we recommend calling the front desk (612-728-5100) to verify the building is open when you want to come to campus.

Doorside Pick-Up

You can pick up library materials whenever the La Salle Hall building is open. To pick up materials:

  1. Request materials online or contact us to pull items from the shelf for you.
  2. Enter the rear entrance of La Salle Hall.
  3. Locate the Library’s book drop.
  4. Pick up the envelope labeled with the first three letters of your last and first name.

Make sure to only pick up items during open La Salle Hall hours, which are generally: Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm; Saturday: Closed; Sunday: Closed. Building hours are subject change, so we recommend calling the front desk (612-728-5100) to verify the building is open when you want to come to campus.

Tour the New Website

Tour the New Website

Saint Mary’s Libraries launched a new website, which offers an improved mobile experience designed just for you. The Winona and Twin Cities Libraries combined to better serve the entire Saint Mary’s community, and with that change comes a brand new website! Our host of online services is available to all through the unified website, which includes:

  • Instant access to SuperSearch, our easy-to-use single search box for all your research needs
  • Research assistance available 24/7 through our online chat
  • Specialized services for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty and staff

Have questions, comments, or feedback about our new website? We’d love to hear it! You can contact
us at, or by filling out our feedback form.