Course Materials

We are happy to help you find academic resources to incorporate into your courses and to also ensure that resources are available for your use on specific dates during a semester.

How to Find


Find out if we have full text access to the articles you would like to assign by searching the title in SuperSearch. If we do not have full text to your article, you can explore other options on our copyright page.


Free Textbooks
Cut textbook costs by using open educational resources (OER’s), which are free to use academic materials. In addition to textbooks, OER databases often include lesson plans, worksheets, videos, and interactive tutorials.

Selecting Textbooks
Read CELT’s guide for finding, evaluating, and selecting textbooks.


Find streaming videos and DVDs that you can use for your classes. If we do not own the video that you need, you can suggest a purchase. Also, learn how to link to videos in Canvas.

How to Request

Borrow, Renew, Request

Learn about your borrowing privileges as well as how to borrow, renew, request, and return materials from Saint Mary’s Libraries.

Reserving Materials

Place items on course reserves as well as reserve library materials for use on certain dates during a semester.

Suggest a Purchase

If we do not own the item that you need, you can suggest a purchase. Your recommendations are critical for developing a sound collection that supports Saint Mary’s curricula, so don’t hesitate to request an item.

How to Share with Students

Linking in Canvas

Because emailing articles to students and uploading articles to Canvas violates copyright law, we recommend linking to library articles, eBooks, and streaming videos using persistent links. Learn how to find and insert library links into Canvas with this guide.


Learn how to share articles, book chapters, and videos without violating copyright. Get an overview of fair use in academia, answers to frequently asked questions, and copyright and Canvas scenarios.



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Find Your Librarian

If you have questions about purchasing books, contact the librarian who specializes in your department or program.

Department Librarian
Biology Lori Pesik
Business & Technology Kate Johnson
Chemistry Lori Pesik
Education Kate Johnson
Fine and Performing Arts Lori Pesik
History Kate Johnson
Language, Literature, and Culture Kate Johnson
Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics Lori Pesik
Nursing Lori Pesik
Psychology & Social Sciences Kate Johnson
Theology & Philosophy Kate Johnson