So you’ve chosen your topic, and you’re ready to find sources. Walk through the search process with the guide below.


Before you search, you need to know what you’re looking for. To get started:

  1. Check your syllabus.
    Are there special requirements for your assignment? Do you need to use peer-reviewed articles, books, or videos? For the most part, your instructors will want you to find peer-reviewed articles; however, there are times when you might need other information types.
  2. Get background information.
    How much do you know about your topic? Do you need background information? Books and encyclopedias are great sources for topical overviews.
  3. Explore current issues.
    Do you need current to find out what’s happening in your field? Are there emerging issues related to your topic?

How to Search

Search Strategies

Choose keywords, learn search tricks, and more.

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Getting Full Text

Find and download full text in SuperSearch.

Watch Video

Place holds and borrow from other libraries.

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Where to Search


Watch a demo, install SuperSearch, and learn how to search for, save, and cite resources.

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Google Scholar

Couldn’t find what you needed in SuperSearch? Extend your search to Google Scholar.

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Course and Subject Guides

Start with recommended resources for your course and subject.

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