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Print Journals at Winona Library

When searching for articles, you may encounter the message: “Available in print at Winona Campus Library,” which means that you will need to make a copy of the article in at the Winona Campus Library. If you are not on the Winona Campus, you can contact us to request a scanned copy of the article.

How to Find Print Journals in Winona Library

  1. Check the citation for your article to verify that Winona Library has the particular volume/year that you need.
  2. Bring a copy of the citation (e.g., journal title, volume number, issue number, date, page numbers) to Winona Library, so that you can find the journal on the shelf.
  3. Go to the main level of Winona Library.
  4. Find the journal, which will be shelved alphabetically by title.
  5. Locate the specific volume and issue.

Have questions? We would be happy to help you find journals. Call the Research Desk at (507) 457-1562 or contact us.


Suppose you have the following citation and want a copy of the article: Bennet, Rod. “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world.” Our Sunday Visitor, 95(26):10 (Oct 22 2006).

  • Author: Rod Bennet
  • Article Title: “Stewardship calls us to reach out into the world.”
  • Journal: Our Sunday Visitor is the title of the journal.
  • Volume: 95
  • Issue: 26
  • Page: 10
  • Publication Date: Oct 22 2006