Does citing and writing feel like a mystery? Get help from the experts. Learn how to write better and faster using the resources below!

Why We Cite

  • Give credit to authors for ideas that are not your own;
  • Use high-quality sources to support your argument;
  • Enable readers to find the sources you used;
  • Avoid plagiarism;
  • Maintain academic integrity.

When to Cite

When in doubt, cite! Cite if you used an idea, quote, or past research in an assignment, whether you’re writing a research or reflection paper or creating a PowerPoint presentation.

How to Get Citations

Copying and Pasting Citations

Copy and paste citations from Google Scholar into your paper.

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Finding DOI Numbers

Learn about requirements and how to look for DOI numbers.

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Zotero Citation Manager

Get in-text and reference list citations and insert them into MS Word.

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How to Cite