Streaming Videos

The Libraries provide access to a large and increasing number of streaming video titles, including contemporary and classic feature films, award-winning documentaries, instructional videos, news broadcasts, and presentations. These videos are available through the following databases:

Business & Economics Videos
This database by Films on Demand offers streaming full-length videos and video clips on the subjects of business, economics, finance, management, marketing, and more.

Counseling & Therapy in Video
The 700+ streaming videos in this database address a wide range of classic and recent topics related to social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Videos include counseling sessions and reenactments, consultations, presentations, and interviews, with a focus on foundational theories (1985-2010) from prominent therapists.
This curated selection of 50 streaming videos explores contemporary and classic topics in psychotherapy. Videos feature counseling sessions and reenactments, various techniques and treatment approaches, and navigating professional dilemmas.

DVDs from Other Libraries

Libraries Worldwide
Search WorldCat to find DVDs owned by libraries worldwide. DVDs may be ordered through interlibrary loan and mailed to your home for free.