Ed.S. Theses

by | Dec 3, 2020


Spiegel, Adam

Do Students Using Math 180 Grow in One Year More Than Their Same Aged Peers?

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Agosto, Erin

Equity Professional Development: The Effects Of Equitable Teaching Practices Of Middle School Staff.

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Hughes, Rachel

How does a Consistent, Evidence-based Behavioral Framework Impact Teachers at a Suburban Elementary School?

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Kray, Brian

How Does School Climate Affect Job Satisfaction in One Rural School District?.

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Meyer, Caitlin

Communication Strategies and Family Engagement.

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Opsahl, Tara

How Does Progress Monitoring Improve Student Achievement for First Graders in a Suburban School.

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Pagel, Hannah

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and its Effects on Behavior at the Elementary Level.

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Schmit, Tia

Impact of Social Emotional Learning on Student Achievement in the Third Grade.

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Solberg, Matt

What Effect Does Distance Learning Have on Middle School Proficiency in Mathematics and Reading Among Students Who Receive Special Education Services?

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Hostetler, Samuel

Restorative Practices and Their Effect on Reducing Suspensions in a Secondary School.

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Bourg, Leah

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Reducing School Suspensions Through Alternatives to Traditional Discipline.

Fong, Kirstee

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Impact of Growth Mindset on Student Math Achievement at the Middle School Level.

Gergen, Karla

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The Effects of Dual Language Instruction on Early Childhood Emerging Bilinguals.

Rhodes, Mia

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How Does A Phonics Intervention Impact Reading Achievement in First Grade?.


Carlson, Alexander

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Culturally Responsive Teaching: Impact on Diverse Student Performance in the High School Social Studies Classroom.

Foster, Cassandra

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Increasing Teacher Competence in Servicing Students on the Autism Spectrum.

Phipps, Nickole E.

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Differentiated Instruction: Effect on Secondary-Level Students’ Literacy Acquisition.

Tyson, Joshua

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The Positive Impact of Career and Technical Education on Student Success for Secondary and Post-Secondary Life.


Taylor, Christopher

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Increasing the Effectiveness of Elementary Music Professional Learning Communities.

Wood, Michele

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Impact of Mindset on Student Achievement at the Middle School Level.