eBrarian Program


eBrarian is a full-service instructional program, where we teach your students how to find, evaluate, and use information. Academic programs that participate in eBrarian have experienced increased library usage, student confidence, and research assignment quality.

Students Learn How to Effectively

  1. Plan research.
  2. Develop research questions.
  3. Construct search strategies.
  4. Evaluate information.

How It Works

eBrarian takes place in Canvas over 4 weeks. Each week, students:

  1. Watch a tutorial.
  2. Complete a worksheet.
  3. Respond to classmates’ discussion board posts.
  4. Receive a grade based on completion.

Set Up Process

Select a course in your program that is appropriate for eBrarian. The course should occur early in the program and have a research assignment.

We Do the Rest

Each time your course occurs, we:

  • Ask faculty to paste the eBrarian statement into their syllabus
  • Set up discussion boards
  • Deliver instruction
  • Answer questions
  • Grade students
  • Email a spreadsheet containing each student’s point totals to the instructor

eBrarian Tutorials

View the eBrarian tutorials to get a full understanding of the program’s curriculum.

eBrarian Brochure

Learn more about eBrarian by downloading our brochure.